Infant nutrition tips to follow now for a healthy future

When it comes to becoming a new parent, one of the most important things any and all parents can do to ensure the health and happiness of their child in the future is that of starting good and healthy nutrition from the get go. In doing so, this not only trains the infant from an early age the importance of good nutrition, but helps implement these healthy nutritious ideals throughout their life in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breastfeeding is one way to help your baby develop a healthy and strong metabolism and immune system.
  • Supplementing your infant’s breast milk once a day with Evivo, a probiotic made for babies, is a great way to fortify their gut with healthy disease-fighting bacteria
  • Start giving your baby small sips of water at 6 months of age instead of juice, so they do not develop cravings for sweet beverages.

“Breastfeeding is recommended as the best source of nutrition during the first few months of life and is beneficial for both mom and baby. Breast milk provides protection against viruses and studies show that breastfed babies have fewer ear and respiratory tract infections.”

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