When does new mom anxiety become a problem?

New mom anxiety, fueled by the many changes that come with a newborn as well as lack of sleep, can almost mirror OCD. this anxiety can be normal but can cross the line into an actual mental illness that can affect parenting and interacting with your child. If you anxiety and fear has become overwhelming to the point that it affects you and your baby negatively, it is not normal and it’s time to seek help.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author felt overwhelmed by her love and fears for her baby.
  • She displayed OCD behaviors such as excessive hand-washing and checking on the baby to see if he was breathing.
  • She has learned to accept and live with the fact that she is not in control.

“The research shows that parents overwhelmed by such debilitating anxiety generally don’t talk to their babies as much as other parents, they don’t respond to their baby’s cues, and they may even avoid contact with their own child in order to spare themselves the anxiety. The anxious parent ends up endangering the child instead of protecting him or her.”

Read more: https://blogs.babycenter.com/parenting/new-mom-anxiety-become-problem/

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