When your husband’s love language isn’t verbal

A difficult dynamic between men and women in a relationship is discussed wrapped in the framework of a personal anecdote. The differences between implicit and explicit expressions of love,affection desire between partners and within the boundaries of an established relationship are compared and contrasted. An honest and candid exploration of the impact of an intimate moment between partners serves as a background for a greater motif about the very different ways that love and intimacy can be expressed between men and women.

Key Takeaways:

  • Females need assurance of their positive qualities, despite it being seen as a weakness.
  • Marriage can be full of unexpected, pleasant moments, even after years of marriage.
  • It is important to realized that expressions of love can come in forms that are nonverbal.

“He shows me that despite how crazy our life as parents looks on the outside, he’s actually feeling the reward of what we are doing and he’s feeling appreciative he was chosen to take on that role, together with me.”

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