What I did when my let-down let me down

When you have a baby you never seem to know what is happening for long because things are always changing. When you breast feed things might go really well at first. Your baby will latch on and you and your little one will have it down. But then things might change with your breast milk coming in. Your milk won’t come out right away and your little one will be so frustrated. Things will get easier but if your let down is letting you down, consider changing things up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mother, blogger and breast-feeder Brandi Riley, noted that breast feeding, despite chapped and sore breasts, was not a big deal at first.
  • Strange behavior on the part of her son and a digital pump reading proved to Riley her milk supply was not moving well.
  • The problem proved to be dehydration, which Riley solved by keeping a water bottle ever-handy after the scare.

“Instead of flowing instantly like it had been for weeks before, my milk supply had slowed down, and my sweet boy was working overtime for a drop.”

Read more: https://blogs.babycenter.com/pregnancy/what-i-did-when-my-let-down-let-me-down/

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