How much stress can today’s parents take?

It seems like todays parents are under more stress then ever before. But many are asking, how much is to much? What can parents take? How do you prevent and relieve stress from your life? While it may not be possible to always leave the stress at work, or get over it and ignore it there is one piece of advice that everyone can try. Its be a clown. That does not mean preforming magic or juggling. It just means add some laughter to your day. It will help you and your kids a lot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents today are under much more stress than ever before now. People want to know if they can continue to take that much stress.
  • Take a look at the lives of modern parents who want to make a difference. Caring for loved ones can start to become a chore for many out there.
  • There may be ramifications for parents who have become overburdened with work. Their stressful lives take a toll on people for various reasons to be considered.

“My idea of being a clown is perhaps a bit too literal. I juggle, perform magic tricks, and make balloon animals. You don’t have to perform circus tricks, though. Reading a funny story, telling a joke, or just playing the classic “got your nose” game can help provide fun memories.”

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