Parenting Styles: Outgrowing the Tooth Fairy

Upon having the first of her four children losing a tooth, a creative mother established an elaborate system of leaving a tooth for the tooth fairy along with the tooth fairy’s subsequent visit. While that worked well for a time, this system was foiled when one child lost two teeth in three days. But she adjusted the process. Finally, she got busted by one of her kids when she forgot to play the part of the tooth fairy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first visit of the tooth fairy is a really, really big deal to kids, and their parents
  • Reality and time passing make the loss of a subsequent tooth a time to reflect on how to transistion to a non-Tooth Fairy state
  • Even when the veil is pierced, our kids are conditioned to want the reward the loss of a tooth promises

“His little sister was in absolute awe, tugging his arm and peering into his mouth and sighing about how she couldn’t wait until her own teeth fell out.”

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